MB2045 designed for craftsmen and companies who don‘t need to process wide plates (>450mm), high cost effectiveness makes it widely used in woodworking industry. It's time to take your planing operation to the next level.
The ZICAR MB2045 double sided planer has a robust cast-iron body for industrial planing day in and day out. The spiral insert knife cutterheads produce a smooth planed finish with maximum stock removal. The material is passed over the bottom head with a spring-loaded pin feed system allowing it to act like a jointer to flatten the board prior to being planed to an accurate thickness with the top head. Adding this machine to your workshop will take your productivity to a whole new level.


Max. working width450mm
Min. working width20mm
Max. working thickness200mm
Min. working thickness10mm
Min.working length320mm 
Planer shaft rotation6500r/min
Feeding speed7-30m/min
Upper planer shaft power7.5kw
Lower planer shaft power5.5kw
Feeding motor power2.2kw
Upper base lift motor power0.55kw
Total power15.75kw
Overall dimension2944x1260x1680mm 


  • Spring loaded conveyor pin system ensures material is passed over the bottom cutterhead to resulting in a flat and uniform board prior to planing to thickness on the top head.

  • Spiral insert knife cutterheads with two-sided solid carbide knives produce a smooth finish with increased stock removal capacity and extremely quiet operation.

  • Heavy-duty cast-iron machine body and table for vibration free cutting.

  • Digital electronic thickness adjustment in INCH and MM (Inch = 0.001” / mm = 0.01mm resolution) for precise thickness control.


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