It is mainly used for Glulam processing, processing comb tenon on the end of short material, and then applying glue to lengthen long material.


Max. working width600mm600mm
Min.working thickness150mm150mm
Max working length850mm850mm
Cutter speed6000r/min6000r/min
Draw saw speed5600r/min5600r/min
Trinming saw speed5000r/min5000r/min
Tenoner cutter dia160mm160mm
Tenoner cutt-off dia70mm70mm
Cutter motor power11kw11kw
Saw motor power5.5kw5.5kw
Feeder motor power0.37kw0.37kw
Servo motor power1kw1kw
Overall dimensions2380*1700*1400mm2580*1700*1400mm


  • Frequency converssion speed regulation, accurate control of converying speed .
  • The timber is transported by chain, which ensures that the timber is smooth up and down, and effectively avoids up and down staggering.
  • Dense elastic iron wheels are used for side feeding of chain machine to ensure accurate pre connection of wide and narrow materials and effectively control the tooth staggering rate
  • Taiwan Abba linear guide is used for thr side pressure wheel assembly pump, and the synchronous rack structure is adjusted to ensure accurate and reliable linear displacement.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is used to press up synchronously to ensure that the processed materials are flat without dislocation.



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