R-R-RP Series

This wide belt sanding machine for wood offers superior levels of performance for modest investment.


Max working width1000mm1300mm
The shortest processing length500mm500mm
Processing thickness3-110mm3-100mm
Conveyor  speed6-30m/min6-30m/min
Total power46.37kw93.55kw
First frame motor power 18.5kw37kw
Second sand frame motor power 15kw30kw
Third sand frame motor power 11kw22kw
Conveyor motor wattage1.5kw4kw
Lifting motor power 0.37kw0.55kw
First sand frame steel roller diameter190mm240mm
Second sand  roller diameter190mm240mm
Third sand roller diameter190mm240mm
Abrasive belt size1020*2000MM1330x2200mm
Working pressure0.6Mpa0.6Mpa
Dust collection8000m³/h8000m³/h
Outline dimension1900x2000x2100mm2700x2500x2100mm


Stability1. The machine body is welded by steel plates, and has been quenched to make the stability stronger. Imported conveyor belts are used for good reliability and durability.
2. The whole series adopts beam barrel and beam seat split structure, which has good stability and convenient maintenance.
3. Belt cylinder is made of cast iron, with strong tension and good stability.
4. Conveyor belt adjustment cylinder adopts 63*20 cylinder, which has great strength and good stability
5. The head of the active roller is thickened and quenched to ensure stability and robustness
6. The thickness indicator adopts light sensor head, which has high accuracy and good stability in various complicated environments.
7. Using original imported frequency converter, sensitive and reliable action, high stability
Convenience1. Adopt advanced interpersonal interface and digital display, and have worktable lifting preset function to make the operation more convenient
2. The feeding power of the equipment adopts a frequency conversion installation device, which has high precision and fast and efficient work.
3. The conveying speed is digitally displayed and can be adjusted at will according to different requirements
4. Adopt the imported combined sand frame, the process of first planing and second sanding and then polishing, high efficiency and energy saving
Safety1. Multiple safety device design, safe and reliable. Effectively ensure the safety of personnel and machinery while working, saving work manpower,
2. The casting stop device is used to prevent the plate from rebounding and hurting people during the processing process






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  • Installation very easy.
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